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How to Make a Simple Hooded Cape

Hooded robe is important for Little Red Riding Hood costume and gothic and period-specific ensembles. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a matching hooded robe in clothing and costume shop. By using a little warm fleece or other, fuss-proof fabric, you can create a hooded robe in less than an hour, with little or no sewing required. To discover more details about custom styling capes you may check here

How to Make a Simple Hooded Cape

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Step 1

Measure from your shoulder to two inches above the ground. Using sharp scissors or a mat and rotary cutter, square pieces of fur twice as long and twice as wide as this measurement.

Step 2

Use chalk to mark the corner in the center of the original big square. Draw a chalk line between two corners curved side corners of the center, rounding the corner opposite the corner of the center. Cut the material along this chalk mark. Now you should have a rounded tip and two straight edges converging in a corner of the center.

Step 3

Cut through one of the straight edges folded into the corner of the center. Cut only one of the folds, not both.

Step 4

Cut off a quarter of a small circle in the corner of the center.

Step 5

Open the fur. You have to have a large circle with a small hole in the middle for the neck and one row away from the neck hole to the outside the large circle.