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All About Ayurvedic Treatment And Diet For Cancer Patients

How to treat the disease successfully is to understand the root causes and treat effectively. With the help of path breaking research in Molecular Biology, now known that cancer is a metabolic disease. The disease process begins in the mitochondria, is recognized as the powerhouse of the cell.

What is the metabolic process inside a cell?

This disease begins in the mitochondria, where a faulty message is sent to the cell nucleus for a new messaging system upside down, resulting in the spread of cancer. At times, it may take more than a decade to transform normal cells into cancerous.

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At present, the changes that occur in cells categorized as defects field, which can be taken by certain metabolic investigations. The groundbreaking research could help doctors catch cancer at an early stage.

The concept of cancer in Ayurveda

Pathologies are caused as a result of dosha. The development of symptoms and their manifestations follow the nature of the causal dosha. Cancer is difficult to treat, and is a combination of all three doshas put together. You can get more information about it via various online resources.