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GTA IV Lags – Learn to Fix GTA Lags

There are so many fans of GTA and few of them are disappointed with the release of GTA IV on PC. The reason behind their disappointment is that game is buggier and FPS (frame per second) is not good. In some cases users are unable to see environments with missing textures appearing. In this article we will discuss how we can fix GTA 4 lags.

You should first check for any updates to your video card drivers. If you are going to install the latest version of Nvidia drivers or ATI drivers, then make sure to remove any older drivers. Rockstar released few patches that fixed a number of issues.

SuperFetch is available if Windows Visa is used. Very few people disable it to speed up the system. However, if you disable it, you will face missing texture in GTA4. These are the steps to enable SuperFetch in Windows Vista.

1. Click on the Start button on the taskbar.

2. Select Search.

3. Type "services" without quotes and press Enter.

4. Now search for "superfetch"

5. When you see it, double-click on it and a popup box will appear.

6. Enable it and press OK and close the box.

You can use the instructions below to run GTA IV at higher frame rates and better graphics, even on higher resolutions. Go to Configure Graphics and change the resolution to 800×600.