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The Working Of Center Pivot Irrigation System

A pivot system has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for irrigating farmlands. This allows farmers to cover large areas of land quickly and can be used to apply pesticides or fertilizers to crops with equal efficiency. This system does not require a lot of machinery and can be used to perform many important aspects of farming.

The following components are used in modern irrigation to water the fields effectively:

Pivot Point:

These central shaft watering mechanisms evolve around a central point. This is where water enters the pivot pipes for the first time. This is also where you will find the control panel.

Center Pivot Irrigation System

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Control Panel:

The control panel is the place where the hardware is located. It allows farmers to operate the machinery. This is the heart of the mechanism and can be used to turn on and off the machine as well as change the mode of operation, including dry or wet.

Drive Tower or Drive Unit:

This is the portion of the device that encounters the ground. It contains all the hardware necessary to allow for movement. It typically consists of wheels and a base beam.

Tower Box:

Each drive unit for a center pivot irrigation system has a tower box. This compartment is responsible for controlling all components of the drive unit. This allows the machinery to move in a specified direction and for a specific time.


These long pipes connect different drive units. Each span contains many critical components, such as the water main, sprinklers, and a set of supporting Trusses to help manage the weight between two towers.