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What is Laser Hair Removal And How It Works?

Laser hair removal is a type of cosmetic surgery that uses the power of light to remove hair from the skin. Laser treatments work by targeting and destroying the hair follicle at its root. This means that laser hair removal is effective in removing all types of hair, including facial, head, and body hair.

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Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

There are a few different types of lasers used in laser hair removal: the Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers are both good for removing dark hairs, while the CO2 and Diode lasers are best for lighter skin tones. Each type of laser has its own advantages, so it’s important to choose the one that will be best suited for your skin tone and hair type.

Laser treatment typically takes around 20 minutes per session, although this can vary depending on your skin tone and hair density. After each session, you will need to allow your skin to heal properly before getting treated again.

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

Laser hair removal services use a high-powered laser to remove unwanted hair. The laser energy breaks the bonds between the follicles and the surrounding skin cells, causing them to die. This destroys the hair follicle and results in permanent hair reduction.

Laser technology has been proven to be effective for removing hair from all areas of the body, underarms, face, and legs. There are many different types of lasers available, so you can select one that is most appropriate for your skin type and hair removal needs.