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Top 2 Types Of Electronic Shisha Sticks For Your Hookah Experience

Shisha pens are the latest feel in the world of smoking today. These devices have now allowed the users of Hookah to enjoy their hookahs without having to worry about the bulky device. 

Gone are the days when enjoying a hookah meant visiting a Shisha bar, where you could find an elaborate experience of flavored or non-flavored narcos that was presented to you for a considerable price. 

However, before investing in electronic shisha sticks, you need to know the different types available in the market. Make an informed choice when you decide to buy one of the varieties of nargile pens for your use.

Electronic Nargile HosesThese pipes are supposed to look like traditional hookahs. You can find the old charm in these devices, but with a modern convenient touch. Instead of the charcoal feeding in the hookah, you have a rechargeable battery. 

The hookah is flavored with a cartridge containing electronic juice. It is a definite advantage for people who love the flavors of the hookah but hates the smell of burnt charcoal. This device eliminates this odor completely.

Rechargeable electronic tanks – These devices are only a little larger than conventional nargile pens. They have a rechargeable tank attached to the battery device. 

This facilitates the task of users to change the hookah juice cartridge attached to the end with a new one. Although the unit is extremely portable, it is still not as practical as a nargile pen, so it will be embarrassing to use it sometimes.