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Tips on How to Install Floor Tiles

Laying tiles on the floor you have to follow the steps and tried and tested methods described by various experts in this field. It is advisable that you watch a video or read a good guidebook about laying or installing tiles on the floor before you take your project.

Video will give you a direct experience of how the process actually works and would like a teacher in front of you to guide you on the tile floor. Whatever steps you follow while laying floor tiles. You can buy the best epoxy terrazzo tile at

There are some tips that can help you work better, in an accurate and efficient manner.

Tip 1: The more accurate your measurements, the more likely you are to get a perfect floor. One way could be to use the simple Pythagorean theorem. Some of the squares of the right angle of the triangle is the right angle of the slant hypotenuse squares. 

Tip 2: Use a supporting board in Sub Floor. You can also mix the tiles from the different boxes so that there is uniformity to the finished floor.

Tip 3: Always go for a dry run to put the tiles on the floor without mortar before laying tiles on the floor. It helps in measuring the previous calculation error. Place the corresponding edge together.

Tip 4: Use a good quality glue or adhesive is preferably recommended by professionals.

Tip 5: Wear knee pads while laying the tiles because you need to be in that position for long.

Tip 6: Select a grout color based on your needs. You may want to go for a dark color to accentuate your floor or neutral colors for the grout to blend.

Tip 7: You can use a damp sponge to remove grout haze after grouting. Be prepared to wipe the sound of tiles or floor so it may not look tidy as you want.

Tip 8: Use cheesecloth to polish nat.

Tip 9: Do not wash the floor for one week after laying floor tiles. Let the floor settled in that period.

Tip 10: Follow all safety precautions and local codes when using the equipment. Wear safety gloves are required when cutting tiles.

Tips and warnings will help you do your job better. Take tips from friends and acquaintances who have previously laid floor tiles, if this is your first job.