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Plumbing Pipes For Potable Water

There are many varieties of plumbing pipes available in the market. When entering for the kitchen renovation project or building a new house, you must choose which material is best for you. Go to and buy steel pipe for your needs.

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Short views on the most popular pipes:

Copper: Pipes are very popular and used to drain, ventilation and drinking water supply. It is durable, easy and flexible to install, safer in natural disasters, resistant to intense weather and microbes and competitive prices. Over the years the contractor prefers copper pipes for dependence and solid value. Homeowners also prefer copper pipes because they generally increase the resale value of the house. It also ensures a clean and safe water supply. The lead has been removed from the manufacturing process so that it is no longer a health risk unlike the galvanized pipe

The CPVC pipe (polyvinyl chloride) is a rigid plastic pipe that is put together with a solvent connection. They are perfect for areas in countries that have aggressive water that consumes copper pipes. This aggressive water can sometimes eat through a copper pipe within eight years. CPVC is not affected by aggressive water, and the smooth inside surface will not collect mineral deposits. Even though these pipes have many advantages they suffer from one main disadvantage. In the case of fire or splash electricity, they remove toxic gases. If this is a problem with you or your kitchen does not have a good point out point to copper.

Pex Pipe: is the latest participant in the pipe scenario. This is a flexible plastic pipe that can be installed like a power cable. Suitable for use with hot and cold water they can be used together with steel, copper, PVC and plumbing CPVC plumbing. They are also very resistant to explode.