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Important Information about Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic is the treatment of teeth given to individual teeth that suffer from tooth disease or problems. The process is not complicated and only involves a few steps. This treatment focuses on the center of the patient's tooth where the infection occurs.

  • Who needs care?

When the bacteria in the mouth attack your teeth, it causes an infection in the middle of your teeth. The invasion occurred when the teeth decreased when it was damaged. In the fall, and when the patch is leaked. The pulp is contained in the gear root canal. When this happens, you will immediately see a dentist for treatment because infected teeth often need a root canal.

  • How care is done

Infection can be treated in two ways. Sometimes teeth are completely removed by the dentist and sometimes the gear root canal system is removed. The latter is called root canal treatment and that is the topic of this article. This treatment is almost always successful, with the teeth treated for 10+ years. Anesthesia is used to make the process less painful for patients.

  • Procedure

First, steps are taken to ensure that pain decreases drastically or even removed if possible. This is usually achieved by turning off the gums of patients with substances such as jelly, after that local anesthesia is given to patients through a syringe to help destroy the skin around the area infected, gums, teeth, and tongues. A gas called nitro oxide is rarely used to help patients relax and reduce pain.

Permanent crown or charging is usually needed after the root canal is filled. But until the permanent crown is made, which is temporarily installed on the teeth.