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How to Choose A Good Mediator Based on Different Criteria?

The resolution of disputes doesn't have to require legal action or litigation. Many people are starting to the realization that in some cases mediation is a better alternative to resolve disputes. If this is the case then you must determine which professional mediators to select. 

Role Of A Mediator In The Process Of Mediation - iPleaders

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In order to reap the benefits of mediation and to avoid the risks of litigation, it's crucial to select the best mediator for your situation with the following steps:-

1. Superior Communication Skills. The most important quality to look for in a mediator is exceptional communication abilities. Mediators must be able of getting the parties to talk, even when they do not feel or want to compromise, such as in situations of stalemate. Mediators use their skills and knowledge to assist in dialogue and to get the conversation back on track in the event of need.

2. ADR Experience: Another requirement is experienced with alternative dispute resolution. While general experience is acceptable, however, a more specific and industry-specific experience is needed in disputes that are unique to a particular industry or situation. 

3. Flexibility and patience The ability to be patient is another quality to be looking for when choosing mediators. When parties are too involved in a legal dispute can become a major but common problem. 

When a specific tactic doesn't work, or if the parties are unable to agree on a particular issue the mediator must be flexible and smart enough to consider a different approach. The mediation session will go more smoothly in the event that the mediator has a willingness to open to new strategies.