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All About Crack Cocaine Rehab Center

It is a reverberation of absolute truth when people claim that "crack is an utter wack." It is undisputed that one of the most harmful substances to experiment with is crack cocaine which has killed millions of people around the globe. 

It's so prevalent that individuals from all walks of life fall victim to its addiction-inducing tentacles. Celebrities too have had their own adventures with the drug, often with the risk of losing their careers and their lives.

Here are some famous people who have tried crack cocaine:

Amy Winehouse: The well-known musician and singer paid with her life due to her dependence on alcohol and drugs. She died from accidental poisoning by alcohol in the year 2011. In addition to all the other drugs she took, she also used crack often at one point in time.

Earl Simmons: The most well-known and professional name is DMX the hip-hop artist, as well as an actor, also was a crack addict. There have been recent problems in his life that were the result of his alleged crack addiction, which is believed to have begun before his fame.

Lamar Joseph Odom: The former NBA professional is famous because of his dependence on crack. He was a victim of a variety of issues because of his addiction throughout his basketball career. His health was severely affected due to his addiction.

Lindsay Lohan: One of the most controversial children, Lohan is notorious for her addiction to crack. The addiction has brought about numerous problems in her professional life. There were a few encounters with the law because of her addiction problems.