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Aftercare Instructions: Caring For Your New Piercing

Maintaining healthy habits is the key to getting your piercing healed quickly and easily. Habits that will help your piercer heal smoothly include eating a healthy diet, exercising daily, minimizing stress, and getting adequate rest.

Some people also find that taking a multivitamin can help them stay healthy and recover faster. Please note that aftercare is not aimed at healing your body or healing wounds with medication, but rather to keep your piercing clean and create optimal conditions for your body to heal itself, you can also use the best piercing aftercare spray.

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If you suspect an infection or other serious problem, see a doctor. However, keep in mind that many healthcare professionals have not received specific training in piercings, and removing jewelry can lead to additional complications.

Instructions for cleaning piercings

Wash your hands simply before cleaning or touching your piercing for any reason.

If necessary, rinse with a saline solution during healing. In certain areas, it may be easier to apply with a clean gauze soaked in salt. A quick rinse will then remove any residue.

If your piercer recommends using soap, gently lather on the piercing and rinse if necessary. Avoid harsh soaps, or soaps with dyes, fragrances, or triclosan.

Rinse thoroughly to remove soap residue from the piercing. There is no need to twist jewelry through the piercing.

DRY by gently tapping using a clean disposable paper product, as linen towels contain bacteria and can stick to jewelry, which can cause injury.