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Why You Need to Educate Yourself

If your parents told you to do well in school to get good grades so you could land a good job, this is a narrow-minded approach to your future.

Even though it was done with the best of intentions, this time all the previous generations knew. That's how they were raised and didn't know anyone else.

According to the late Jim Ron, formal education will be a source of income. Independent education makes you a necessity. You can opt for London workshops and classes at

However, if you are lucky enough to work ten hours a day in a worldly boring job, then great! When you retire, the retirement you earn will keep you above the bread line. However, if you live long enough to get retired, you may have to work until the age of 70 because people are known to live longer and this is a drag on the economy.

What you want out of hard work and exertion is a quality of life that is good for you and your family: you still deserve it. But it won't work for other people.

Now surely you need to realize that the only person who can change the situation is you. Instead of accepting your life for what it is, you have to do something.

You need to develop a determination to succeed and an insatiable desire to live the life you dream of. This, along with unshakable faith, is what is needed. After all, you owe it to yourself and your family to do whatever you can to achieve this.