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Why to Wear a Face Mask?

By wearing a face mask during this pandemic, you can prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and prevent you from coming into direct contact with other people and objects that exist today.

According to the manufacturer of the COVID19 product, masks are the most important because they can save you from a deadly infection. When someone coughs, talks, sneezes, they can release germs into the air which can infect other people around them. Face masks serve as an infection control strategy to avoid cross-contamination.

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In this pandemic, we only have two weapons to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and those weapons are socially distant and always wear face masks because you never know who gets this dangerous infection. That is why today there is a great need to take all measures and precautions.

The government can only help us if we help each other first. Now is the time to take this situation seriously and handle everything. Faith, Strength, and Faith. So, if you don't have a mask, buy one now or go to a drug or candy store.

How do you wear a face mask?

  • Always wash your hands with the soap and water provided before touching the face mask.
  • Try disinfecting both your hands and your mask beforehand.
  • Also, read the instructions printed on the mask package envelope and follow them accordingly.
  • It is best to put a mask on your ears.
  • Pull the mask through your mouth and chin

Disposable face mask features:

  1. High bacterial filtration
  2. Low respiratory resistance
  3. Air permeability with a metal nose clip
  4. Cool and comfortable
  5. The masks are sterilized regularly
  6. Ultrasonic welded
  7. Available in sash / elastic loop