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What is the Best Tablet Device for Business?

There are several business tablets available in the market that have innovative features that make it easy to use familiar programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. For those looking for the best of new and familiar technology, convertible tablets are the ultimate business device. You can now also look for refurbished ipads for business by clicking at: 

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The 8 Best Tablets for Note-Taking in 2021

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First and foremost, a competitive tablet that can make money with the next-generation iPad 2. With a high screen resolution of 1280 x 800, this tablet offers more workspace which is useful for multitasking and has the potential for 3D graphics and applications. 

Like the iPad, it has up to 10 hours of battery life, but unlike the iPad, it has the Adobe Flash option, which is a must-have as most businesses need this feature. Although there are very few applications, the future of the Motorola Xoom offers an expanded application market with models with higher compatibility.

With a 7 inch screen, this device is more portable than most and has a brighter screen than the iPad. The Playbook offers all the usual functions and even more with excellent WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, 16 GB of storage space and lots of functions with easy navigation. 

The playbook browser also takes second place with its fast download speed and average loading speed in less than 8 seconds. Ideal for business travelers and women who travel frequently. The only real drawback is the lack of an application in the playbook. However, these are minor issues with innovative and reliable business tablets.