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Want To Repair Your Toilet – Here Is How

Fortunately, not much can go wrong with your toilet. Your toilet can give you trouble only in two ways – either it will be clogged or it will have developed some leaks. Hence, when such a problem arises you need the clogged toilet repair services to fix the issue within the shortest time possible.

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Now leaks can develop anywhere in your toilet but the common places for it are

(a) the toilet seat or on the floor where it is planted,

(b) the flush tank,

(c) water supply pipe to the flush tan,

(d) water leakage from the flush tank into the bowl, and

(e) overflowing inside the flush tank.

The bowl has a non-permeable seal, generally made from wax, which prevents water on the floor from seeping into the floor where the bowl is planted. To fix this, follow this procedure

– Turn off the water supply to the flush tank, empty the flush tank.

– Empty the bowl of water through a sponge, Unfasten the t-bolts that hold the bowl to the floor.

– Unfasten the water supply pipe from the flush tank to the bowl, lift and turn the bowl upside down next to you.

– Remove the previous seal on the bowl and the floor through abrasive paper, apply the new sealing ring.

– Install the bowl again on top of the drain flange and press gently until the wax forms a seal, tighten each of the t-bolts.

– Put the water supply pipe back and turn on the water supply, flush the toilet and check for leaks, if any.

This is perhaps the next most common problem after the flush tank leakage into the bowl. If you see your flush tank overflowing, you need a new fill valve. These are available in two styles – one with the arm and a big float ball and the second with the float ball installed on the fill valve itself.