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Vocabulary Teaching In Middle Schools In Amsterdam

A famous English linguist Wilkins said, "no grammar, little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be transmitted." We can see that one of the three basic linguistic units (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar), vocabulary plays an important role.

It is about the meaning of words and how words are used. In the process of learning English, the more difficult issue facing secondary school students is the lack of vocabulary.

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As we know, if there is no vocabulary, there will not be listening, reading, and even writing. The importance of vocabulary decides that vocabulary teaching is an indispensable element in the English program.

But some traditional teaching methods seem vocabulary words isolate the context or break with scientific rules, this way, they can not help students develop long-term language skills, but get them to lose interest in English.

Middle School English teachers are those that introduce the first class of students in the field of English, so they should take great responsibility. To understand why the teaching vocabulary is important in colleges and find scientific methods to improve teaching in English is required.

D.A.Wilkins, a famous British linguist, said: "Without grammar, we can pass a little, but without vocabulary, we can pass nothing". Some studies also show that students with good grammar and large vocabulary can do much better than those who have good grammar, but little vocabulary.