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Vitamins And Organic Trace Mineral For Your Health

Vitamins and minerals are essential to our lives. However, the body is unable to synthesize these compounds in sufficient quantities. Two reasons are why it is important to use a daily multivitamin or biological trace mineral supplement for natural health maintenance:

– Because the lifestyle today is very demanding: alcohol, coffee, smoking, pollution, and other factors that increase the body's need for vitamins and minerals.

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– Second, the excessive processing of food raw material and preservatives in foods consumed can destroy a lot of their natural vitamins and minerals.

We now find ourselves in a situation where the body requires more and more vital substances for growth and regeneration. These essential substances are becoming less common in our daily diet. It is no surprise that many people are suffering from many different deficiencies and problems. 

Research shows that vitamins and minerals are very important in our bodies. They tend to work together, which is beneficial for their function. Complex preparations are well-suited to support daily activities and resistance to all types of disturbances.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy metabolism. Vitamins and minerals are only made in the body by eating a healthy diet. Vitamins are not added to the diet. This increases the need for minerals. This requires that you use chelated forms of minerals in their optimal dosage. Minerals can be used most efficiently when they are chelated with amino acids.