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Understand The Process Of Quality Encapsulation

Since their inception capsules have been the best way to take medication. Over-The-Counter analgesics, a drug manufacturer, has developed the capsule-shaped tablet or Caplet to highlight the effectiveness of their product and to show a positive association to more efficient tablet pills.

Encapsulation is the process of placing certain medications inside capsules that allow them to be swallowed orally. When the drug is to be absorbed in the body, encapsulation can help. Capsules are preferred by many people because they are easier to swallow and more effective.

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There are two major types of capsules.

Hard capsules – These are more common and can be found in hard shells that have two pieces. They then get filled with the prescribed medication. This formulation is more suitable for powdered and dry drugs.

Soft capsules – Made in one piece, soft capsules are used primarily to dissolve active ingredients in oils or other liquids. To aid in absorption, fish oils and drugs must be dissolvable in oils or other liquids.

The Process

A capsule is a container that contains the medication. It usually comes in a small gelatin package that is easy to digest by the body. Because some medicines are difficult to make in tablet form, many Drug-Manufacturers prefer capsules. A binding substance is necessary to allow the medication to be formed into a tablet.

Hard gelatin capsules can either be encapsulated on an automatic or semi-automatic machine. They are filled, sealed, and produced simultaneously.