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Types of Sea Moss Gel

Organic Sea Moss Gel:

Sea Moss Gel is organic and is made of top-quality sea moss that has been wildcrafted that is harvested from the pure water of the ocean in St. Lucia. This is the base for the recipe’s high-quality taste and delicious aroma.

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  • Unflavoured:

The original recipe is an excellent addition to your favorite dish or drink. It is packed with more than 95 minerals and vitamins to provide nourishment to your body and improve your immune system.

organic sea moss gel, raw sea moss gel

Since the recipe is unflavored and has only two ingredients (purified water as well as organic sea moss that has been wild-crafted) it is also utilized as a skincare product that hydrates and moisturizes skin.

To use it as a facial mask treatment, warm the product until it is at room temperature, then put a small amount of the product on the face. Beware of eye contact with eyes. After drying, let it rest for 5 to 15 minutes before you wash using warm water. Take advantage of the incredible results! Beware: Once dried on skin, the gel of sea moss creates an extremely firm and dry mask that pulls and squeezes the skin.

  • Fruit Flavors:

The sea moss , fruit-flavored gels, are made from pure organic fresh fruit. There are no syrups, powders or concentrates. All of them are delicious and are delicious on their own, or included in your favorite meal or drink.

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