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Things You Need To Know About Oval Diamond Rings?

Diamond rings are the most popular rings for couples, especially for engagements, because most people around the world believe in the symbolic meaning of diamonds that these stones last forever.

Aside from its symbolic meaning, this stone is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, stones available in the world today. This stone is polished and shaped into various shapes to suit the setting. One of the most popular shapes currently available in most jewelry stores is the oval diamond.

Oval emerald diamond wedding bands are a great choice for couples who like classic and vintage designs. The oval shape is indeed an antique design as it has been used to make jewelry for centuries, gemstones like rubies, jade, emeralds etc have been chiseled into oval shapes to make them look longer and thicker but in the fall of diamond stones this shape is not that old because it was only perfected in the 1960s by a talented jeweler named Lazar Kaplan.

Nowadays, this unique and elegant gem shape is getting more and more popular. Oval diamonds usually have 56 facets: slightly fewer than round ones, making the stone a little less shiny. However, due to its elongated shape, this stone has a unique flying sail effect on its internal reflection (a well-cut oval, but only a very small sail). 

Traditional aspect ratios are typically 1.3 and 1.6. However, the size and shape of the stone depends on the preferences of the buyer. Most couples prefer a longer oval, while some just want a stone that looks thicker.

If you want a different and unique engagement ring, try the oval diamond engagement ring, although it is not as eye-catching as a marquee, it is still elegant in shape due to its extraordinary features.