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The Ransomware Epidemic and What You Can Do

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is currently a major problem that is the result of an insidious type of malware used by cybercriminals to steal cash from you by holding your computer's or computer files to ransom, and asking for payment to be able to retrieve them.  You can also protect your business by hiring the best ransomware attack protection agency

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What You Should Do Now?

There are many perspectives to take into consideration. 

Backup your files

The most effective thing you can do is perform regular backups of offline media, maintaining multiple versions of files. When you use offline media, such as a backup program tape, tape, or another media that can be used for regular backups, you are able to always restore old versions of your files. 

Show hidden extensions of files

Most of the time, Windows hides the extensions of files that it knows about. If you are able to view all extensions of files in your email and on your system for files this will allow you to find suspicious malware code files that appear to be useful documents.

Filter executable files out of emails

If your gateway's mail scanner is able to filter files based on extension, you might need to block email messages by using *.exe attachments. Make use of a reliable cloud service for sending or receiving *.exe files.

Disable the execution of files from temporary folders

In the beginning, you must permit hidden files and folders to be visible in the Explorer, so that you can view the app data and program data folders.

Your anti-malware software permits you to set rules that block executables from running your profile's app data and local folders, and the program data folder on your computer.