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The Best Place To Start All B2b Marketing Efforts

Marketers need to know where they are when selling or marketing B2B products and services. It is not at the office. It is not at a trade fair. It is not at a networking event and it is not even on the course. It is inside the mind of a prospect.

It is not enough to be able to identify the benefits and features that will help potential customers. B2B marketers need to understand how and why humans make purchasing decisions.

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How to Grow Your B2B Sales Consulting Firm Without Increasing Effort

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Here are 4 human-thinking principles that marketers should keep in mind:

Minds resist change: B2B marketing conversations must start from where prospects are at the moment, not where they want them to be. One obvious example is to match the case studies provided to the prospect company's size and industry. 

Clear distinctions: It is important to make clear distinctions. The best way to demonstrate the small size of a product is to place it next to something that everyone uses and knows. It is important to instantly understand the product's competitive advantages.

Minds must be taught: "Click here Now," Call Now," and "Start Your Free Trial Now." It may seem obvious but it is important. B2B marketers can't expect prospects to think for themselves or make assumptions. Marketing materials that include a strong call to action will always get a better response.

Minds selectively retain information: Following up a B2B lead-generation email, direct mail, or other communication with a phone call is a strong interactive-marketing approach.

Your marketing strategies and sales pitches should be based on the human mind and how it reacts to new information. This will help you gain attention and close sales.