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The Benefits of Using an Elliptical Trainer

A cross-country trainer is an elliptical trainer that is specifically designed for cross country cycling as it is intended for using in rugged terrains and environments such as off-road cycling on dirt roads or even mountain biking. Cross-country trainers are often used by triathletes who race over rough terrain. Elliptical trainers are commonly used for home exercise routines as they provide a low-impact way of working out which is beneficial for those recovering from an injury. An elliptical trainer is convenient for use over any surface and is recommended for all levels of physical fitness.

Description: An elliptical trainer or cross trainer is a stationary fitness machine used for walking, stair climbing, or running without placing excessive force on the joint joints, thereby reducing the risk of severe impact injuries. They are ideal for use by people with any level of injury as they do not place stress on the body. These machines are ideal for use at home and can be used as part of a home gym. Because of the minimal impact on joints, people with any degree of joint pain can use an elliptical machine to maintain fitness levels as they recover from an injury.

Benefits: The main benefits of an elliptical trainer or cross trainer are that they are low-impact machines that reduce the risk of injuries such as stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and shin splints. By offering low-impact exercises, they also help to protect the tissues surrounding the joints. By preventing damage to the tissues around the joints and reducing the chance of injury, the use of an elliptical trainer is recommended for long periods of time, especially for athletes and senior citizens who suffer from an increased risk of joint injury.

Easing the boredom. The most obvious benefit of using an elliptical trainer is that it provides a low-impact, boredom-free exercise routine. The elliptical motion is such that it mimics the natural running, jogging and walking movements that occur naturally. Unlike treadmills and exercise bicycles, the elliptical motion does not require constant attention or even concentration. This low level of activity promotes the release of the endorphins, which are the body's "happy drug", and allows you to remain physically active without the desire to constantly think about exercise.

Improved heart rate efficiency. The use of an elliptical trainer helps to increase the efficiency with which the heart pumps oxygenated blood throughout your body. In comparison to treadmill usage, the rate at which your heart beats while exercising on an elliptical trainer is similar to that which you would experience while jogging outdoors. Because your heart is not required to exert as much effort to move the air through your lungs and out of your body, your heart rate is lower when using the elliptical trainer. When this reduced heart rate is translated into higher stamina during exercise – increased endurance for longer bouts of aerobic exercise – you will find yourself experiencing a more exhilarating workout, and greater calorie burn during your workout routines.

Improved body posture. This is yet another benefit of using an elliptical trainer. Your body is put in a new position during each workout session, which can greatly benefit your overall posture. While standard elliptical trainers are designed to provide you with a workout that forces you to stand up and bend forward, the elliptical trainer allows you to return to a more natural, neutral state of standing while working out. This allows your lower body and upper body to return to a more natural position after every workout session. This improved body posture leads to less muscle strain, which can lead to a more efficient overall workout.