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Roller Blinds in Melbourne: 10 Things You Need To Know

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If you are looking to buy roller blinds in Melbourne this winter, here are 10 things you need to know to help you with your decision making. Melbourne can be a cold and unforgiving climate in winter with its unrelenting rain and bitterly cold wind. COVID-19 has further exacerbated the living conditions in Melbourne with residents forced into extended periods of lockdown, only being allowed to leave their home for essential reasons (work, food purchases, or school). Non-essential services and business have been largely impacted and are being forced to operate differently which may affect your ability to purchase blinds. 

10 Things You Need To Know

Here is a list to help you get a further understanding of roller blinds. There is way more to know about, but this will get you off to a great start. In no particular order, here we go.

  1. Decide whether you wish to do this as a DIY project or professional installation as that will determine where you source your blinds from as well as your options. 

  2. For sun protection, consider sheer or UV blinds as they will provide the best protection for your home by significantly reducing the number of UV rays into the room. In doing so, this will protect you from the harmful rays as well as your furniture from fading or warping. 

  3. For rooms where you want to have maximum darkness or light, with little in between, consider blockout roller blinds. These omit 98% of light when closed. This option is perfect for bedrooms and theatre rooms. 

  4. Front rooms on houses often have privacy compromised so consider privacy, dual or zebra blinds. These will maximise your privacy whilst still allowing you to enjoy views at the front of your home. 

  5. Zebra blinds can also control light in a room and can, therefore, make great additions to entertaining rooms, formal lounges, or even dining areas. 

  6. Blinds can be fitted either inside the window recess or above the window. Each of these provides its benefits regarding light control and making a room feel more open. Consider discussing this option with your provider or installation expert. 

  7. Manual blinds are generally cheaper and more readily available. DIY or made to order, these tend to arrive quickly, are easier to install and require less upkeep. 

  8. Motorised blinds will be more expensive and can only be purchased from a supplier specialising in blinds. Motorised blinds can be available with a wall switch or remote control option. 

  9. As motors in motorised blinds will eventually wear out, it is important to consider the warranty options available from your supplier or adding them to your home and contents insurance. Replacement costs for motors can be quite high so knowing that you are covered will give you peace of mind. 

  10. Custom made blinds have a wider variety of colours and styles available. This allows them to be customised to your tastes and the room they are to go into. For example, a young child’s room could have pink or blue blinds while an adult or guest room could have navy or cream.

Purchasing blinds in the current Melbournian climate may be a more difficult experience due to COVID-19 due to the restrictions on trading and people allowed into homes. Be sure to consider this in your plans for obtaining quotes or shopping for roller blinds.