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Rash Guards – The Latest Trend In UV Protection

Gone are the days of spreading the slippery sunblock on the back and stomach, just to find one or two hours later that you missed the place! With new technology available in Rash Guards, you can be sure that your whole body is protected, no skin patches are overtaken.

What is the rashguard?

Rashguards, Rashes, or swimming shirts, as they are often called, are tightly installed shirts with long or short sleeves, which are designed to protect from harmful UV light. This shirt offers SPF150 + protection, much more than you will find in ordinary sunblocks. You can also buy stretchable Rashguard for men online.

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Why use Rash Guard?

There are many good reasons to use rash guards. They are mainly familiar with children who tend not to sit still long enough to be covered correctly in sunscreen. Now super easy to put the protection of the sun on your children, just keep the rash above their heads, add the sunbeam to their face and they are good to go!

However, the rash guard is not only for children. They work well for adults and not only provide excellent SPF protection, but they also protect against surface skin injury. This makes them ideal for the use of beaches and sports.

They are perfect for surfing or bodyboarding and will prevent a rash on your chest or stomach by protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.