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Pill Filling Machines and Equipment for Pharmaceuticals

Due to the nature of pharmaceutical products and their use, special precautions should be taken during packaging. Most of these precautions will be focused on filling the product. The liquid filler is the only machine that can move or contact the product. Other areas of the packaging system may be modified or changed, mainly to prevent contamination.


Pharmaceuticals will be using sanitary filling equipment more than any other industry, possibly with the exception of the Food and Beverage Industry. It is not surprising, as both industries provide products that can be ingested and are intended for human consumption. You can also check out here to get more information about the best pill filler.

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To ensure that the product is not contaminated during its journey through the filling machine, into the container or bottle, sanitary fittings are used. 

Many pharmaceutical fillers use special tubing types and grades. Peristaltic pump fillers are liquid fillers that allow for quick and easy replacement of tubing. 


While the filling machine is specifically designed for pharmaceutical products, it will also include some features that are very common to all packaging systems. Nearly every pharma line will have a container cleaning machine.

These machines use some sort of rinse media, such as water, air, or another liquid, to clean the insides of the bottles before the product is introduced. To prevent contamination, bottle washers and rinsers clean the inside of the bottles.