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NIV Audio Bible for Downloads

When God continued the inheritance of 10 commandments to Moses, most of the followers of Christ and believers had learned to share words that were immortalized in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Because of the busier schedule of most followers, the discovery of the new Bible has taken place. 

The audio bible is convenient for everyone and to hear anytime, anywhere. Appears in many versions and has been translated to more than 250 languages different so even if English is not your main language spoken, you can still listen to God's advice in the dialect of your choice. You can explore an all-inclusive bible timeline chart that is indexed and outlined in one simple to understand format.

With all the different biblical versions, you can choose your favorite, from famous versions like Catholic Catholic, King James Bible. Even the audio version of NIV Bible downloads is available via the internet. No doubt, the Bible is a noble piece of a document full of entertaining words for the worshipers of Christ. 

Using the Bible against LGBTQ+ people is an abuse of scripture

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The Bible is only available in Greek, Latin, and Hebrews before 400 M. Although being translated into other languages of 500 m, the main language is still Latin, causing problems for believers who do not understand Latin.

At the age of 995 AD, the first translation of the New Testament to Anglo-Saxon was made even though it took another 500 years before producing and spreading around. About 500 years later, expansion, transformation, and progress in the Bible version never stop. 

The audio Bible has come to replace conventional hard copies, causing a big impact on how people handle reading the Bible. In fact, this newer version makes followers busy approaching listening to the Bible in their busy intervals, because reading can be less comfortable.