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Motion Sensor Floodlight

Motion sensor floodlights are typically used to decrease the possibility of robbery within the home. The only thing that a burglar will require is an area of darkness outside the home. The most appealing thing about lights that move is they sense the darkness and then are switched on. They have a special photocell that is designed such that they turn the light off in daylight hours to conserve energy. There are a few exceptions. motion sensor floodlights come with an adjustable timer which allows you to choose the time when the lights come on.

The motion sensor lights are inexpensive and you can get the lights for only $40 from any home improvement store in the area. Make sure you choose a floodlight that is in line with the style of your current floodlight. Here are a few simple steps to fix a light that is a motion sensor.

Before you begin installing the motion sensor floodlight, ensure that you’ve turned off your power supply at the outlet on your wall.

Take a screwdriver and take off the mounting bracket from the floodlight that is currently in use. It is now time to mount the new bracket to mount this new lighting. Get a drill and make holes for the screws and wall plugs. Make sure the bracket is in place and fix it in place using screws and wall plugs made of plastic. Make sure the new bracket is securely secured. Take off the cover of the wiring box that is on the pressure box. Also, remove the screws from the waterproof cable gland.

The removal of the cover on the wiring box as well as screws on the cable gland that are waterproof will allow you to connect the power cable between the cable gland and the pressure block. To ensure that the gasket is correctly installed, remove the insulation that connects the cable to power.