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Learn Everything About Banquet Halls

Banquets today serve a variety of reasons, from training sessions and formal dinners for business. Business banquets are a common method to strengthen the relationships between businessmen and partners. You can check us out to look for the finest banquet halls online. 

Top 7 wedding banquet halls in Mumbai

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Learn about Informal, Semi-formal and Formal banquets below:- 

Informal: There is no fixed table used in this case. There is no top table and the seating is not discriminated by gender and rank. 

Semi-formal: These gatherings are usually held at board meetings of companies. The top table is assigned for guests of the highest rank. are seating according to rank. The formality and strictness of seating are only maintained at the table at the top. The other guests are distributed evenly at their tables, or in sprigs.

Formal: Banquets of formality are hosted by the Head of State to honor dignitaries who are visiting. The number of guests as well as their titles, the amount of space needed, the requirements of staff and the menu are decided ahead of time.

The table plan is displayed on each menu card when it is printed in advance, or else it is printed in the invite card. A sophisticated procedure for service is used at every formal banquet. This is a system that requires the lighting of amber, red, and green and blue, whose changing is managed by the banquet director. 

A red light signifies that waiters must remain in the pantry because guests aren't yet settled. The light that is amber indicates that the dining area is set. A well-organized and symmetrical design is designed to ensure even during the service.