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Know About Weighted GPA

Many students wonder if it is better to take advanced placement classes to get lower classes or take regular courses and get better grades.

There is a lot of debate about this problem which continues to this day. Some college acceptance officers will even tell you different answers. You can choose school age calculator in USA through the internet.

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It shows you had the ability to stretch your mind. It shows you are committed to making yourself work as hard as possible, even if you don't get an a in the class.

Your GPA may drop and you may blow your chances at being valedictorian of your class. However, there are thousands of valedictorian's every year that do not get into their first choice colleges.

Having a weighted GPA has its purpose. If you have a 5.4 GPA, many of your parents and friends will think you are doing very well. This 5.4 does not mean that much to a college though. Different high schools use different grading scales. Wade GPAs have their place in high schools and serve a very high purpose.

Many admission officers will want to see a transcript that is unweighted. They are more interested in seeing your actual GPA on a scale where all A's equals a 4.0.