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Know About Stink Bug Repellent

It is important to understand what can be used to repel stink bugs. It is easy to find and use a good stink bug repellent product like jeteye animal repellent. These can be made at home.

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Although they are toxic to other insects, commercial insecticides can help your garden thrive. These homemade insecticides can be used to get rid of stink bugs in your garden and home. These ingredients can be found in your home, or at a flower shop.

Certain smelly items are not good for stink bugs. You can repel stink bugs with household items like vinegar and garlic.

There are two ways to use garlic. If you can handle the garlic smell, you can crush some cloves and spread them around your house and garden.

Vinegar is another effective repellent for stink bugs. Spray some vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray around baseboards, windows, doors, etc. To stop stink bugs from eating your plants, you can spray vinegar on them. This repellent works only in the home. It will not work outside.

Mint is another repellent. You can also plant your garden if you have one. You can also buy them at your local grocery or nursery. Mint oils work equally well and are also readily available.

Use enough leaves to make 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves if you are using the plant. These can be added to a spray bottle with water. Boil the leaves in boiling water for at least 30 seconds before adding them to the spray bottle.