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Internal Family Systems Overview

IFS focuses on relations between the parties and between the self. The goal of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy Workshops in Silicon Valley is to be cooperation and trust between the self and each part. There are three main types of relations between the parties:

• Protection

Managers and firefighters protect the exiles of evil and protect the person against the pain of exile.

internal family systems therapy

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• Polarization

Both parties are polarized when they fight against each other to determine how a person feels or behaves in a certain situation. Each party believes it must act as he does to counter the extreme behavior of the other party. IFS has a method to work with polarized parties.

• Alliance

Both parties may be allied with each other if they work together to achieve the same goal.

IFS method

IFS practitioners show a therapeutic method well defined for individual therapy based on the following principles:

1. Parties in extreme roles are "burdens" that are unpleasant emotions or negative ideas they have taken the following adverse occurrences in the past, often in youth. These charges are not intrinsic to the piece and therefore they can be released or "Unloaded" IFS.

2. The Self is the agent of the client's psychological healing. The therapist helps the client to enter and remain in itself and guides the therapeutic process.

3. Protectors can not usually let go of their role in protecting and processing until they protected the exiles were Unloaded.