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How Your Electronic Hookahs Work?

Electronic cigarettes and hookahs are gaining popularity these days. Indeed, they can give you long-term savings instead of buying a one-time cigarette you want to smoke. With these new items, you need to simply spend a few dollars for refills and other components. 

Therefore, if you plan to try it, you must start with the starter kits. There is a wide range to choose from. 

Battery and atomizer

Before you start using hookahs you must know everything about each of its main components. In this regard, one of the major parts that define this device is the battery.  You can even use an electric coal burner from for the safe hookah experience. 

This is because it’s the one that lets electronic devices work. This serves as a power source so you can use it even when you are traveling. The average battery will allow you to use the hookah for about 14 hours from a single charge. 

The atomizer, on the other hand, is the component that converts the flavored fluid into a water-based vapor. This is also called the e-liquid, which is generally sold separately. 

Tank cartridge and steam flavor

The steam flavor is the water-based solution, which is sometimes called as electronic liquids. Some contain nicotine while there are also varieties that are only made of natural ingredients. 

There are many flavors that you can choose from. Some flavors include the Daiquiri strawberry, passion punch, cherry blade, apple cider, citrus bay, tropical punch, very bay, chocolate mint, as well as melon, and many others.

Other parts and accessories

There are also other parts and accessories that make the narghile function and be better. An example of this is the Clearomizers. They are usually not included in ordinary packages.