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How to Style Storage Units Into Stylish Boys Bedroom Accessories

Your little boy will love the new look of his bedroom, especially if you have the right storage for his toys. Storage furniture is often a stumbling block for many parents, but it can be transformed into an attractive feature by styling it. The open shelving unit has been styled with geometric mountains painted on the wall behind it. The open shelves also have a coordinating curtain and headboard. Here are some other ideas to make storage furniture look more stylish.

Kids' room furniture

When it comes to decorating a boy’s room, you can't go wrong with a blue and white theme. The space's high ceilings are balanced by a blue-and-white striped wallpaper. Adding a bright blue acrylic pendant light brings the space down to earth. The perfect boys' bedroom accessories include:

You can also buy bedroom chairs to create a reading nook or a coffee zone. A small table is perfect for stacking books or a mug, and a reading lamp will add ambiance to the room. Wall-mounted shelves will help display the books. To keep the room looking cosy, hang up fairy lights in the room. Some fairy lights are available in beautiful designs. Choose one that suits the theme of the room.

The right bed is essential for a peaceful sleep space for boys. Choose one that can grow with your child. Consider buying a small double bed for occasional sleepovers or visiting guests. It'll provide plenty of storage space for books, toys, and other items. Creating a room that's cozy for your child's needs will allow him to spend his time with friends in the space. While he's sleeping, he'll likely be occupied with other activities.

Kids' bedroom decor

Colours are essential in a boy's room, but don't make your boy's space too girly. Choose muted tones such as pale grey, sand or beige for a more sophisticated look. You can even go with a gender-neutral color scheme, which will still look stylish no matter what your child grows up to be. Here are some tips for creating a boy's room that will last the test of time.

Choose accessories to match the room theme. If your little boy is into cartoons, you may want to pick up a couple of stickers. A cute bedside table lamp with a cartoon character can complete his room. A cool mirror will add a touch of sophistication to the room. Your child will feel secure and comfortable in this room. You can even hang a teddy bear for a fun nighttime story!

A nautical-themed room is the perfect choice for your little guy. This nautical-themed room features a framed picture window and a giant, built-in window seat. A blue and white striped wallpaper balances out the extra-high ceilings. A bright blue pendant light grounds the room. It's also an excellent way to keep track of your child's toys. These accessories can be bought online, at a local store, or at a thrift store.

Kids' bedroom storage

Whether you're redecorating a child's room or redecorating your own, boys' bedrooms should have plenty of storage space. Storage should be accessible and easy to reach. The furniture should be small in size, and soft close mechanisms should prevent hurting little fingers. When choosing storage options for boys' bedrooms, consider the safety of your toddlers. The bottom line is that your boy's bedroom should be a space he'll want to spend time in.

Shelving units are a great way to store folded or stacked clothing. Storage baskets and bins are great for keeping small items in order. If your kids have separate bedrooms, open shelves are a perfect storage solution. Investing in hanging storage units and curtains will also prevent your child from tripping over his items and destroying them. Make sure to label storage areas and add labels so that your child knows which clothes belong to whom.

Corner storage units are a great space-saving option. Whether it's a corner cabinet, corner desk, or shelf, this type of furniture will free up valuable floor space and maximize storage space. In small bedrooms, you can install shelves and hooks to create extra storage. An over-the-door organizer is another great option for organizing accessories, backpacks, and toys. In the corners of the room, you can use storage bins to place clothes.