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How To Determine The Value Of A Silver Tray

In the world of antiques, silver plates usually have two or one handles that can be up to two feet long and wide. Several factors affect the value of silver plates. The plate manufacturer will affect the price and design. Status and date are two other important considerations.

Rotate the tray at the front and check for scars on the back. There is only one mark or there may be several marks next to each other or at different corners of the tray. Search for letters, numbers, and photos. You can find the best silver tray online via the web.

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Check the tray for signs of damage and feel for dents and bumps. Trays in poor condition lose their value and traces of solder can be a sign of counterfeiting or imitation. Beware of 19th-century trays made of old Sheffield (silver copper) plate or electroplating.

Silver trays often increase in value the heavier they are. Refer to the template to determine the style and date. For example, if the tray has a loop limiter made of the silver cord, that's probably from the early 19th century – and highly desirable. Sharp angles and lines can reveal Art Deco style boards from the early 20th century, which can translate into lower prices.

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