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How To Cook With Offset Smokers in Australia?

Cooking with offset smokers or barrel smokers is enjoyable and rewarding. Offset smokers are equipped with an additional firebox that is attached to the cooking area that allows direct grilling within the firebox, as well as indirect or direct grilling in the smoker.

When purchasing offset smokers, the primary consideration is the size of steel. The steel that is thin is unable to hold heat efficiently. This makes it harder to keep a constant temperature of cooking. If you want to buy offset smokers in Australia, then you can search the web.

Offset Smokers

Additionally, the temperature close to the firebox may be higher than the opposite side inside the chamber for cooking. The thinner it is made of steel, the more noticeable the difference in temperature and you will need to be able to turn the meat quite often. 

It is possible to cook excellent barbecue and smoked meals with an iron smoker with a thin gauge but it will require some extra effort.

Whichever offset smoker you pick, the most important thing to do for slow and low cooking is to ensure the same temperature of cooking. To achieve this, it is necessary to learn the cooking process of your specific smoker. It requires some practice, some experimentation, and lots of patience.