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How to Choose Your Wedding Bombonieres

We like to personalize our wedding bomboniere to make it memorable and unique. In Italian, a bomboniere is a wedding favor or gift that is given to wedding guests to show their appreciation for their presence on their special day. Sugared almonds were traditionally given to the couple as a symbol of health and happiness. Couples are increasingly looking for unique bomboniere in Melbourne and different ways to express their gratitude. Here are some ideas to help you think of your special occasion.

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  • A small frame with a photo from the bride and groom.

  • A small wine bottle with a personal label

  • Chocolates in heart shapes wrapped in cellophane and matched ribbon

  • A glass bowl containing chocolates and sweets, wrapped in metallic paper or cellophane in the same color as the bridesmaids.

  • A small candle in a glass holder with the wedding colors

  • A small vase with flowers that can double as table decorations.

  • Lollipops wrapped in ribbon on a stick

  • Rose petals make potpourri

  • Bubbles in a container

  • Cookies monogrammed with your initials

  • Name card holder (put your thanks message and the guest's name on the card for seating purposes).

Make your own bombonieres if you are looking to save money. These are simple ideas that you can make yourself. Include a thank you message along with your name and the date of the wedding on each. Even the simplest of items can look amazing when wrapped in tulle and matched ribbons. How bombonieres arrive can make a big difference. You have a variety of options for storing your bomboniere.

Another option is to personalize the bomboniere to your needs. Consider a hobby, sport, or other thing that is important to you. This will be your bomboniere theme.