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How to Choose Tableware?

The quality of our everyday life is reflected in general details, for example when choosing cutlery. There are currently some types on the ceramic glass market: overglaze paint, underglaze paint, glass and stone vessels. You can also visit to find the best tableware.

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Stone products, also called bone porcelain, are considered the highest quality porcelain in the world.

Stone products are green consumer types according to international standards with more than 25% grazing animal bones. Easier to clean. If the service is oily, you can clean it with warm water instead of dish soap. The methods of making ceramic vessels are overglaze, underglaze, and glaze. Harmful metals such as cadmium and lead are mainly enamel colors.

Ceramic glass tablecloth is popular among people because of its rich color. These days, people choose themselves

Do not use over glazed kitchen utensils.

Containers with too much glaze are hazardous to health due to the high permeability of lead and cadmium. This type of simple handmade tableware is easy to buy at an affordable price. Colors are painted on the surface of the glaze. Chemical reactions can occur on contact with acidic solutions and aqueous solutions. Chemical reactions can produce some pollutants such as lead and cadmium, which can cause lung and bone damage, anemia, neurasthenia and others.

The tablecloth is made of optically glazed ceramic or unglazed colored ceramic according to its quality. The lead and cadmium content complies with international standards, which is why this product can be used safely for serving food.