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How Many Options for Bowling Balls

There are many options for bowling balls. Such options as coverstock, weight block, top weight, and pin location to name a few. With so many variables, how do you choose the right one for you? Many factors, should be considered when making a decision on your next bowling ball purchase. Let's take a look at what the terms above refer to when we talk about bowling balls.

Coverstock is essentially to outer surface of the bowling ball that creates the shell. Typically, the coverstock can either be dull or shiny on a bowling ball. If you want to get more information about bowling game then you can visit at

A weight block is the heart of a bowling ball. The reaction of the bowling balls can be affected by the weight and density of the block.

Top weight refers to the core of the bowling ball. The top weight of a bowling ball will be higher if the core is larger. The top weight of the bowling ball will be lower if the core is lower.

These terms only apply to the bowling balls themselves. This refers to your bowling game. Bowling is all about factors such as track flare, ball speed, and axis tilt. Every person is different. It will be easier to choose the right bowling ball for you if you know your style and game.