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How Good Are Fiber Optic Cables?

Cables made of fiber optics and wires transmission differences are rooted in the speed of photons in comparison to the velocity of electrons. Although fiber optic cables do not move at the speed of light, they're quite close – around 30 percent lower.

This could result in the transmission disappearing. Fiber-optic cables are among the most efficient methods to increase your business's security against cyber-criminal infringements. You can also find the Affordable Fiber Internet Solutions in Raleigh, North Carolina from online sources.

These are just a few of the benefits.


Could it be that hackers could gain access to business cables without difficulty, because of tapping cables or other methods that are simple? The only way to get into fiber-optic is to cut fibers physically. 

Fiber Optic Transmission has low attenuation

If traveling over a longer distance, fiber optic cables are less susceptible to signal harm than cables made of copper. 

This is known as low attenuation. Copper cables can transmit information for up 9328 feet in length due to power drops and fiber cables travel between 984.2 feet and 24.8 miles.

HD Video Support

For many companies, video conferencing and training are crucial tools for training employees, marketing, and sales of products. With a fiber-optic technology, businesses can increase their investments in video conferencing as a tool for business that lasts without losing bandwidth.

Research suggests that investing in video conferencing can save companies thousands each year, or even a month, particularly when you are able to cut out the need for business travel.