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Easy Houseplants for Your Home

An article on how to care for pothos plants is almost unnecessary because they're extremely easy to keep alive. If you just water them once they begin to look old and they're not looking as good, you'll be able to keep them for many years.

But, if you're determined to take good treatment of them to ensure they're healthy and happy, they could be, here are our top tips. You can easily order golden pothos online from various sites.

 large pothos

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Pothos Plant Care

Pothos can thrive in a range of lighting conditions, and therefore are a great alternative for homes with low light. Try to stay clear of the direct light.

Interesting fact, courtesy of Gardening Know How: variegated pothos placed in low-light conditions may lose some of their white colors because only the green part of the leaf can absorb light.

However, if the leaves of your pothos appear lighter than usual, this is an indication that the plant is receiving too much sunlight.

Soil and Water

Pothos plants don't have to go into the soil, they are very happy places in a pot with water. If you choose to grow them on soil, any mix of potting is acceptable.

Be aware that a plant that has habitually in water will not thrive if moved to the soil. When it is time to water pothos thrive with soil that is dried between irrigations.

Pothos Vine

Pothos plants are natural trailers and a lot of people appreciate them due to the reason that they are trailers.