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Driving In Germany – Before You Go

Germany is the ultimate frontier for car enthusiasts and those who love to drive. The only nation without a speed limit , and has smooth, well-paved roads. However, if you're not familiar with the signs on the road or the rules of the road German driving can be exhausting, stressful, and risky.

Before you travel to Germany ensure that you are aware of the different rules and regulations so that you enjoy a pleasant experience. If you want to drive in Germany without any tension or headache you can buy an original Germany driver’s license online resources.

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The first and foremost German driving licenses

Germans aren't allowed to drive until they reach the age of 18 years old. They then have undergo rigorous driving tests before they are able to get their license. Fortunately the US permit is valid for Germany during up to six months. If you're visiting German it is not necessary to purchase an international license. However, it is suggested.

Speed Limits

There aren't all German roads have speed limitations. In the towns, cities and even parts of the Autobahn aren't suitable for driving too fast. There will be the speed limit displayed on a circular sign that has an outer red ring and a speed limit located in the middle.

The most common speed limit is 50 kph within cities or town limitations, 30 kph for areas of business or residential 100 kph for country roads connecting towns and cities and 120 kph along unsafe or busy areas that are part of the Autobahn.