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Do You Want Sparring Gloves?

If you can afford it, a high-quality sparring glove can give you the protection you need for both delivering and blocking punches. Sparring gloves should have a long, solid cuff around the wrists, which will allow you to properly block punches without damaging your wrist. 

A longer cuff is one of the top features you should have from a sparring glove. 

Sparring gloves should also be thick and firm. First, it will take some abuse off of the sparring partner, and will also absorb some of the abuse that comes with blocking shots.  If you want to spar, you will appreciate the larger, thicker padding boxing gloves via (Which is also called ‘ gants de boxe via ’ in french).

The issue with sparring gloves, however, is that they are not made for bag work, especially heavy bags. If you use them on the bag, you’ll wreck them quickly and they will be of no use for any of your training. So if you get sparring gloves, use them only for sparring work.

Can’t Afford Bag Gloves and Sparring Gloves? Choose Mexican-Style Gloves

If your budget doesn’t have room for both a pair of bag gloves and a pair of sparring gloves, you should consider purchasing a pair of Mexican-style gloves, preferably in 14-ounce. 

A lot of amateur boxers in Mexico and other parts of the world don’t have the money for two pairs of gloves, so they need to purchase one glove that can essentially do everything, from the bag to the sparring ring to the double-end bag. 

This style of the glove has a well-balanced design and is built to last, so it can withstand all the different drills required from rigorous training.