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Considering a Marquee for Your Wedding?

Tent weddings are becoming an increasingly popular alternative place for newlyweds to celebrate their special day, giving couples are very flexible in planning their special day.

Tents offer an ideal solution for those who want to host a wedding in a particular area but don't have the space, don't like the offer, or the desired location is too expensive. If you are looking for tents, you can search the query ‘colourful marquee hire near me via’ on the web. 

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Couples can talk to local landowners and farmers about the use of their land, or actually get permission from the council to use the local park. 

They can even use their own garden or a relative's garden, placing the event right at their doorstep. The cost of renting tents and pitches is often cheaper than renting a hotel.

Once a tent location is chosen, couples have a lot of flexibility in how they decorate their interior compared to a hotel wedding, allowing for a truly private moment of the day. 

Tent rental companies always have plenty of decorating materials to create a different style for the day. You can also rent the necessary furniture, including chairs, tables, and bars.

The number of guests that can be invited is not a problem when using a wedding tent. They come in a variety of sizes, from those that can only accommodate family and closest friends, to an almost unlimited number since the tents can be linked together, meaning the only limitation based on the limitation is the amount of land rented.

There may be a dedicated catering tent adjoining which allows all freshly prepared food on site. Food and drinks can be provided by a professional company or for those on a budget it is possible to provide it yourself which can be very difficult or even impossible for a hotel wedding.