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Coffee Enjoyment Starts With Finding the Best ESE Espresso Pods

Everybody needs coffee. In today's fast-paced, upbeat world, it is hard to function without it. But, it can be time-consuming to buy coffee, lattes, and espressos from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks every day. It doesn't take long before the time lost in line and the few extra dollars per day add up. However, instant coffee is not something that people like. 

Instant coffee is not as good as regular coffee, it's also less flavorful and the freshness is poor. So how can you get the best of both? This problem has been solved by many Americans who have purchased the best ESE espresso pods. You may be wondering what a coffee pod is. These are usually small pre-packaged beans in a round shape that come with their own filter. 

You can think of them as a tea bag but with espresso! The pods come in a small gauze bag that is the same size as the tea bags. They contain a mix of finely ground coffee and instant. You can simply place the pod in a regular espresso machine or into the chamber of a pod-brewer. The price of espresso machines is falling rapidly and they are more common.

This is the best way to get a high-quality espresso. You can still make a simple cup with the pods if you don't own an espresso machine. Simply use the tea bag to make a cup of coffee and then add the pod to a cup of warm water. Allow it to steep for five minutes before removing it from the water.