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Choosing Timber Frames and Trusses for your home

When choosing between a wooden or steel frame for your home walls, there are several considerations to consider. This consideration includes many factors such as the location of your wall in the home, exposure to certain environmental and climate conditions, and your budget. 

You can look for the best timber frames and trusses manufacturers in Sydney to choose from wood or steel, you can be sure that you are buying a quality home that suits your family's needs.

The choice between a wooden or steel frame sometimes depends on which pest you will build. Termite damage homes cost millions of dollars every year to renovate. Housings with a steel frame and grating set offer additional protection against termites. 

There are no termites in the world that eat their steel! If you live in an area with termites, steel is the best choice for building your home. It must be mentioned that the wooden and steel frames are very similar. The difference is quite small. 

Steel should not settle like wood. This means that the steel frame is ideal for places where there is a lot of moisture. Unlike wood, steel does not expand and contract when exposed to various levels of humidity. 

Although the wood used in the kit is of high quality and always well processed and sealed, it is sensitive to moisture. Steel frames can never be curved, shrunk, split, or twisted because of moisture.