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Choosing the Right Paper for Your Printing Project

Choosing the right paper will affect the success or failure of your book, direct mail, annual report, stationery, brochure, or packaging design. You can also find the best quality uncoated papers through the internet. This summary will help you make the right decision about the type of paper to use for your print marketing articles.  

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Identification of documents by degree

Degree refers to a category of paper based on its primary use. It also represents Quality Score, from grade one (best) to # 1, # 2, # 3 and more. There are five main types of paper by category: binding, offset or unclosed, coated books, text, and covers. Within each class there are different properties: brightness, opacity, mass, color, coating, and fiber content.


Brightness is the amount of light that the paper reflects. Lighter paper reflects more light through the printed photo, causing the photo to pop off the page. They are also easier to read on lighter-colored paper, but paper that is too light can cause too much eye strain on long documents (e.g. book interiors).

Recycled documents

Recycled paper is almost indistinguishable from non-recycled paper by its similar properties, color, price and availability. Recycled paper varies with consumption in terms of the amount of waste (recycled fiber). Contact your paper representative for specific information on recycled paper. You will find a recycled paper symbol on every recycled paper, regardless of the material content after use.