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Childrens Bookcases – Tips For Buying Inexpensive Bookcases

A children's bookcase as displayed on is an ideal addition to a home library. This handy furnishing makes it possible for parents and children alike to avidly gather and store their favorite reading materials. Children's bookcases come in many styles, shapes and colors. Your choice should depend on personal preference and the room decor.

Bookcases with shelves are the most common style of children's bookcases and come in two general types – the platform and the hutch. Platform bookcases are commonly referred to as the "belly" bookcase because the weight of the books it holds tends to rest on the bottom shelves. This makes it more stable and sturdy but also means that books can't accidentally fall off the shelves or be pushed over the uneven surface. Hutch bookcases, by contrast, feature raised sides or "risers" that allow books to be stored on top and at the same time give the reader extra shelf space. To prevent books from tipping over, always use the top shelves when placing a book and remember that the entire structure should be held up with wooden or plastic supports.

Children's bookcases with hutch facings are also available but take up much less space than the platform variety. These children's bookcases have hutch shelves along one wall and open shelves on the other wall. As you can imagine, these facings allow for a lot more storage area, though not as much as a platform bookcase. You will also find children's bookcases with double doors and those that open inwards or outwards. Whichever type of children's bookcase best suits your room's decor is probably just a matter of taste.

You can also purchase children's bookcases that have glass shelves or mirrors. These particular features add both function and aesthetic appeal to any bookcase. Mirrors are especially useful for displaying titles, photos and other text. They make the bookcase appear larger and also help make it easier to dust or gather paperbacks, whether placed on shelves or on a display shelf.

One way to buy a children's bookcase that doesn't cost all that much money is to make one yourself. There are many do-it-yourself kits available at any craft store or home improvement store that will walk you through the process step by step. If you're handy with some glue and nails, it won't take long before you can create a beautiful children's bookcase for a fraction of the cost of buying one from a retail store. In fact, making your own may even save you money since you will only need to pay for the tools necessary and will not pay someone else to construct the structure for you.

The best place to search for inexpensive children's bookcases is online. You can usually find great deals and discounts on them by shopping around. You may also want to check out the local newspaper, home improvement stores, or other type of store that sells furniture in your neighborhood in case they have a sale on bookcases or other book items.