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Best Practices To Increase Employee Participation Through Onboarding

Effective onboarding processes that integrate new employees into a caring and rewarding workplace can dramatically increase productivity and increase retention rates. When building an engagement process that produces results, consider the following:

It's simple: Onboard from anywhere with a flood of documents. Make sure your process is easy to understand and only provide new employees with relevant and necessary information. 

Iteration and Development: Ask employees who went through the onboarding process for feedback on how you can improve the process in the future. 

Automate: Automating onboarding tasks in achievement 18% higher than the employee's first goal, according to Urbanbound. The automated recording process can also significantly reduce the amount of paperwork required for both your HR department and your new hires.

Effective employee participation is an important part of the organization's training and development activities. And video is the perfect tool to enhance your inclusion program.

You can create a new library of rental training videos with tutorials and best practices for each role across the company. Showcase your company culture through video presentations for executives. They can also provide employees and their families with information about company performance and registration procedures upon request.

Attracting new employees increases costs by up to 30 percent of their annual salary. Of course, there are good reasons for this investment, as effective onboarding programs help prevent premature turnover for one in four new hires.